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-Ava V. Manuel

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Ava V. Manuel is a Transformational Leadership Coach; a Fellow Member of the Institute of Coaching, McLean; an Affiliate of Harvard Medical School; and a phenomenal physical therapist who has taken patients from bed bound to walking and thriving in life for over 25 years. She is the author of the book, “What Every Parent Needs To Know About Preventing Viral Complications: A Physical Therapist Guide Using First Principles Thinking,” releasing on March 3, 2023.

Inspired by her passion for transforming healthcare, Ava V. Manuel pursued mastery in creating events and stages where she discovered her love and passion for event production and content creation. She is now the CEO of From Show to Business and a Strategic Partner of the Los Angeles Tribune, where she actively takes the lead in events productions and publications.

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My Ignite Your Faith book with my chapter titled “How Did I Get Here?" Is now available in Amazon and has hit international best seller less than 12 hours from launch.

The process to writing this chapter was intense. With the guidance and support of the phenomenal Ignite You staff, I went back to a time in my childhood that I brushed off as a survival mechanism growing up.

I cried, forgave, released and healed so well that I now feel integrated with that time when I was eight, and I first found faith, tying it all up to how I got where I am today. It’s only 6 pages short, and yet I feel as if it represents the essence of my journey to here. As if a kiss from heaven, my chapter’s first page starts at page 150 in Kindle. (so you’ll remember how to find it easily)

All my 28 other co-authors’ stories are transformational and moving so you’re in for a treat!

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